Master craftsman Wang was born in 1918 ,Penghu hall.When he was small,he went to a soy sauce factory which was in Ahoo(Pingtung) with his brother learning brewing technology.

After Taiwan recovery, his elder brother and two other masters took over the brewery and renamed as "tortoiseshell life," because Wang missed home very much,he decided to return to Penghu and set up a "tortoiseshell life" soy sauce factory.

The founder Song Meili was born in Penghu, when she was small she liked to play around the sauce factory.Gradually,she fell in love with brewing. Under the teaching of master Wang,Song Meili learned the old master Wang·s brewing technology and six decade-experience, and decided to found "Xin Shan food" in Pingtung County in 2007.
Master Wang used to say: "We should make food with honest, so guests can eat saftly." Therefore, during the time of running “Xinshan food”, Song Meili often traveled to many countries to taste local sauces and ingredients, hoping to deploy a better soy sauce.
She convinced that: "As long as we use good ingredients, the sauce we cook out can be sweet and fragrant." To uphold the teaching and thought of Master Wang and Song Meili, our company set up the business purposes of “taste quality is what Xinshan stick to”.